7 Places To Order Food, For Your Healthy Binges!!!

7 Places To Order Food, For Your Healthy Binges!!!

By GirlStyle on 09 Oct 2018

Being a foodie and health conscious person is both bane and boon. On one hand, every bite of wholesome meals and every taste feels like heaven but on the other hand every meal consumed adds extra fat in our body. The cravings and temptations are hard to resist but with every delicious meal consumed the guilt also increases. The thought of binging while watching movies or games is amazing but the idea of consuming additional calories is scary. The best option to solve all these problems is to enjoy meals that are not only healthy but also a gift for our taste buds. Take a look at some famous places and websites who are known for providing healthy and delicious food.

Soul Fit Kitchen

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Soul Fit Kitchen located in Vasant Kunj is one of the most popular food joints for people who love to relish in healthy and delicious meals. They have a wide menu and even provide the service of building your own meal bowls. Every meal is worth the price.

The GoodFood Cafe

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It is extremely popular cafe known for its finger linking food. The option to prepare your own customised salad is like cherry on top. The variety of food and drinks offered is great and is definitely a place to visit, for both foodies and health conscious people.

Go Gourmet

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Go Gourmet not  only offers food at it's joints but you can order online from your home as well through its website. The have a wide range of menu at decent price range. Each food item comes with the amount of calories and list of products it include.

Hwealth Cafe

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This little cute cafe offers wide range of meal alternatives for all your favourite junk food. There grilled meat to healthy smoothies, every item on menu will make you drool. The cafe is located in defence Colony.

Fresc Co.

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Fresc Co. is a chain of restaurants that offers mediterranean and Italian cuisine food. But they are also known for the wide and drool worthy range of salads and wraps in their menu that are delicious and healthy.  They offer variety of food options to select from and the price range is moderate.

Gyms Kook

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Gyms Kook is a just the place for all the health pioneers. There take on fresh and healthy version of your favourite junk food will make you go gaga and will make you want to visit the place again and again. Along with different options to explore they also offer fresh juice as a  healthier substitute to sugar filled drinks.

Healthy Routes

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This small cafe with comforting ambience offers delicious meals with innovative touch. They offer food that you usually love to eat but with half the amount of calories in it. They tend to substitute they usual food products in meal from their healthier and organic versions. Like making chocolate mousse out of hung curd instead of regular cream. It is a place to be definitely visited.


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