7 Skincare Tips For Healthy Skin This Winter Season!

7 Skincare Tips For Healthy Skin This Winter Season!

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By kashish on 06 Oct 2018
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Winter is all about snow days, hot chocolate and the need to stay warm and toasty. While some people enjoy the cold weather because it gives the opportunity to eat warm comfort food and more reasons to drink booze some people don't, due to harsh cold winds, cold water and uncooperative skin. Our skin suffers the most during winter season. It gets all dry, itchy and irritating and dull. So we bring a few tips to help you maintain healthy and supple skin even during harsh weather.


Moisturize Regularly

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Cold winters in addition to hot water we use for our baths robs our skin of all its moisture leaving the skin dull, dry and itchy. The best way to get rid of dry skin is to regularly moisturise the skin. Oil based moisturisers are more suitable than water based or petroleum based ingredients. They nourish the skin making it shinier, healthier and softer.

Protect Skin

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Cold winds steal all the moisture from the skin and winter sun even with all its goodness can be as harmful as summer sun. Therefore, it s important to protect skin by wearing skin by donning jackets, gloves, scarfs and earmuffs.

Stay Hydrated


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People usually avoid drinking water during winters due to cold and prefer drinking coffee, hot chocolate or tea. It is really important to stay hydrated to avoid dry patches on the skin as they cause itchiness. A glass or warm water with few drops of lemon juice are not only hydrating but also refreshing.

Use Lukewarm Water

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During winters instead of using hot water for taking bath or for washing face, it is suggested to use lukewarm water. Using lukewarm water does not dry the skin or robs body of its natural oils.

Do Not Exfoliate Regularly

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During winter skin already becomes dry due to loss of moisture and the skin barrier becomes compromised. Exfoliating on regular bases will further harm your skin and leave you with no skin barrier.


Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

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Every other person likes to start their day with a warm cup of coffee and enjoy at least a glass of liquor during night to keep themselves warm and comfortable. But it should be avoided as both alcohol and caffeine cause body to dehydrate further.

Select Your Skincare Products Wisely

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It is important to select your skincare products based on your skin types and skin routine. Select the products that don't further harm your skin or make it dry excessively. Make sure to read ab out the components that were used in the products and about their effects.



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