Celebrate International Coffee Week By Impressing Your Other Half With the Perfect Cuppa At Home!!

Celebrate International Coffee Week By Impressing Your Other Half With the Perfect Cuppa At Home!!

By GirlStyle on 04 Oct 2018

It is International Coffee Week but why do you have to go out and pay for the beverage when you can make it at  home and impress your girlfriend/boyfriend with your kitchen skills.  Cooking is not rocket science and making a perfect cup coffee is a task as easy as breeze. Just few ingredients and you have a dose of heaven and happiness in your cup. Now, it is a known fact that their are over 100 different flavours of coffee available all across the globe but to help you avoid the hassle of finding the right one, we share with you the recipe of 5 different but basic flavours of coffee.


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A cup of hot frothy milk over a shot of espresso, add sugar to your taste and your coffee is ready. You can add more flavour to your coffee by sprinkling some cinnamon or cocoa powder on the top.

Cold Brew

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For summer days when all you crave is something cold, for a batch of pre-made coffee brew on in a glass with ice, some vanilla and  cream or half and half according to your taste and Voila! your cold brew for hot summer days is ready.

Hazelnut Coffee

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In a sauce pan mix some coffee, sugar, milk and hazelnut syrup together and pour it in the cups, Add some Nutella and decorate your coffee with whip cream and chopped hazelnuts, your hazelnut happiness is ready to indulge.

Cold Coffee

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Pour milk, cream, coffee,sugar, ice and condense milk or ice cream in a blender and mix till the beverage is frothy and thick. Pour the cold coffee in a a glass layered with chocolate syrup along with s scoop of ice cream. You can decorate your cold coffee with some whip cream of Oreos.

Caramel Mocha

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Heat some cream , milk, coffee and some sugar in a sauce pan. One the mixture starts bubbling pour it in the mug, add caramel syrup, whipped cream and mix. Top it with some more caramel drizzle and your cup of happiness is ready. If you prefer its cold version just mix all the ingredients with ice instead of heating and you can have cold caramel mocha.


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