Here's What Haircut You Should Get, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Here's What Haircut You Should Get, According to Your Zodiac Sign

By Samprita on 24 May 2021
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Thinking of a new hairdo? But not sure what suits you the best! You probably might get it all wrong if you think that the most popular haircut will suit you too. Fret not! Here is something interesting for you to try. Visit your hair salon to get a haircut or hairstyle based on your sun sign this time.



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Aries wants a style that portrays their adventurous and confident personality so a step cut or layers would be the ideal haircut for them. You can experiment with the length of your hair but don't forget to add flicks to make it even more interesting.



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Taurians are not very comfortable with changes and like to keep it simple, uniform, and low maintenance. It would be best to go for medium-length hair with side bangs to keep it lively.



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A Gemini woman loves to experiment and has a very playful style that makes it very exciting. A hairstyle that will perfectly suit her would be with long luscious locks. So go for soft curls with highlights to keep it fun.


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Cancerian women do not have the best hair in the zodiac but they surely know how to work it out. Keeping it simple is the key for them! The best haircut for them would be a U cut with medium-length hair.


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Leos are bold, sexy, and fearless and they would love to go out of their comfort zone and experiment with looks. To make a statement and going a bit OTT wouldn't hurt the Leo ladies therefore blue or red highlights on a classy bob haircut would look great.


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Virgos are a sucker for perfection and in that case, going extremely long or short is a big no. A Virgo woman likes to keep it all-natural and beautiful for a neat and polished look. So medium length with poker-straight hair would be the best option for them.


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Maintaining balance is very essential to all the Librans plus they like to groom themselves a lot. However, they are naturally beautiful and the best haircut for them would be medium-length hair with side bangs that would highlight their pretty features.



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Scorpions have various sides to their personality and they are pretty intense and powerful which is why they are well suited for wavy hair that is curled at the tips. That extra volume suits their characteristics the best.


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Sagi women are happy, cute, and playful and with their great attitude and confidence, they have the ability to pull off the most outrageous hairstyles as well. However, a short length with natural waves works beautifully on them.


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Capris are polished, stylish, and well maintained in qualities but they are at the same time thought to be boring and dull. An edgy haircut is perhaps all that they need! An asymmetrical bob to highlight your cheekbones and if you want to keep it chic then medium-length hair with layers would be the best option.



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Aquarians have a bold style of fashion and women from this zodiac have a quirky and bohemian vibe. A look that reflects their fun nature will do it all! Long hair with multicolored highlights or a sleek bob with side-swept bangs is perfect.


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Pisces aka water babies do not shy away from experimenting and do not care about what others think about them. The best haircut for them would be shoulder-length hair with mermaid-like curls in nice warm tones.


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