#HealthDose- 5 Supplements For Healthy Lifestyle

#HealthDose- 5 Supplements For Healthy Lifestyle

By GirlStyle on 01 Oct 2018

In our day to day lifestyle, we get to busy even to take a pause and breathe let alone sit and enjoy a proper meal. A healthy lifestyle is one of the biggest concern of youth today. People pay huge sum of money to9 join gyms and workout, they spend a lot on their proteins, gainers, pre-workouts and healthy diets. But sometimes those proteins and healthy diet is just not enough for human body to carry out a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. That is when the need to intake extra supplements arises. These supplements have no side effect and can be consumed at regular intervals to prevent body from getting weak due to lack of any particular mineral or vitamin. Here are some basic supplements recommended for a healthy lifestyle.
Liver Supplements

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The following medicine is recommended for a healthy liver that will help in preventing jaundice, hepatitis A, improve digestion, loss of appetite and help with sluggish-ness.  Two tablets can be consumed daily for a effective result.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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It helps in improving eye health, hydrates skin, reduces heart diseases, improves bone and joint health and prevent cancer. Two tablets a day are suitable for appropriate consumption.


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Calcium is one of the most important supplement required by body. Calcium can be found in bones and teeth and with growing age, human body tends to lack in calcium. Therefore, it is important to constantly intake calcium supplements in order to prevent deficiency.


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They are good bacteria that help body by building its immunity system. They help in improving mental health condition,  prevent and treat diarrhoea, keeps heart healthy and lowers the excessive cholesterol. Probiotics also help in reducing allergies.


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Folate is one of the B-Vitamins. It helps in reducing depression, reduces the risk of cancer, aids in cell production, enhances brain function, is anti-ageing  and helps in preventing loss of hearing and visionary senses.


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