Top 5 Dating Apps You Can Try If You Are In Search Of A Partner

Top 5 Dating Apps You Can Try If You Are In Search Of A Partner

By GirlStyle on 30 Sep 2018

For the longest time in India, online matchmaking was restricted to a few matrimonial websites but now dating has become less of a taboo and over the years people have started accepting the growth of online dating. Online dating apps have finally started to make their own space in the typical Indian societal sphere. The idea of casual dating was completely discarded by the Indians in early times due to the cultural setup wherein it was only accepted by the society if you are in a legal and long-term relationship.

However, we feel the young generation is now prepared to break these barriers and explore a whole wide world of new possibilities. That being said, various dating or relationship apps have started coming in existence where people can find the love of their lives rather than just dating. And you would not believe that some people have actually ended up marrying each other after meeting through these dating apps!


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#Repost @officialhumansofbombay “My past relationships weren’t great–I was finally ready to meet someone, so my friend literally downloaded Tinder on my phone. I was on it for 2 days, when I matched with Omkar. We started chatting, & eventually, connected on Facebook. Obviously, I’d stalked him! I know it’s cliché, but we clicked! So I asked him out, which wasn’t like me at all! After we kept meeting, I knew he liked me––he would send me coffee & chocolates everyday. So when I finally asked him why we weren’t official, he texted me this sweet message with that line from Dil Chahta Hai – ‘Tum meri ho.’ And we began dating! From bumping his head on a low ceiling on our date to gifting me a letter written upside down that could only be read using a mirror––we’ve had an adventurous courtship. He once walked from Lower Parel to Sion because I wanted to meet him and he couldn't find a cab! When things got serious, we knew our castes was not a concern. But we were worried about whether our parents would accept how we met. My dad had seen our photo & I didn’t want to lie. So I told him that I met Omkar on Tinder––I explained to him that it’s this new-age app to meet people! He was surprisingly chill and convinced my mom to meet him. When Omkar came home, he went full sanskaari & touched their feet–– what a suck up! Soon after that meeting he went & told his parents about us. Of course, they were hesitant, because after all, I was a stranger that he met online. But we got on like a house on fire––even our parents loved each other when they met! Before we knew it, my mother was sharing mithai––the rishta was pakka! I mean, we wanted to get married but that was quick! We’ve been married for 7 months now & we’ve been through so much––his mother passed away before the wedding...something we’re still dealing with. Everyone talks about falling in love & fairytale moments––but love is this. It’s what keeps you strong in difficult moments–the quiet moments together in everyday life. We had no eureka moment––we’re still falling in love, everyday. And the lucky ones know, you call it falling because there's always someone to catch you."

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Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps across the nation. Tinder has recently entered the Indian sphere due to its unique features which provides you a perfect dating experience and connects you with people in less than a minute. Both men and women can easily choose a perfect date with the help of this app.


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Stay positive. Listen to Beyonce. Eat well. Focus on your goals. Cut off shitty people. Spend time on yourself. Up your podcast game. Drink more water. Be kind to others.

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Bumble is yet another dating app which helps you find various matches in almost the same way as Tinder. All you have to do is swipe right and you are connected to the other person on the other end. With this being said, in Bumble the power of starting the conversation is with the girls but the chat has to be started within a span of 24 hrs after the two match.


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#bemyguide #makeithappn ❤️

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While most apps use the location parameter as the key benchmark, Happn has brought the concept of closer to home in literal terms. To be specific Happn matches you with other users whom you have just crossed paths with after signing up with your Facebook profile. The app also tells you the exact time on when it exactly happened which makes it quite easier for you to identify.


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TrulyMadly is India's own dating app that has managed to make its space in the market with its outstanding advertisement campaigns. The app is a perfect Tinder alternative for all the Indians. The app helps find matches on the basis of interests and other parameters above distance and age. You can also play interesting games with your matches on the app for getting to know each other more in a fun way.


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This app is a bit different from the ideal dating app Tinder. This app offers a lot of options to the user. For you to find a match on this app, it is important that you have a mutual friend on Facebook with your to-be match. While it is a little disheartening for people, the makers of the app feel that it helps in establishing a meaningful relationship than just a casual date.

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