#WeddingSutra- 5 Reasons Why Panju Weddings Are The Best!!

#WeddingSutra- 5 Reasons Why Panju Weddings Are The Best!!

By kashish on 13 Oct 2018
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There is no doubt in saying that Punjabi weddings are the best kind of weddings. They are extremely joyous, entertaining and most elaborate weddings. Punjabi weddings can go on for days because punjabis are really chillax kind of people who just wanna have fun!!  There are happy people all around and the only feeling that one goes through, is extreme sense of happiness and positivity because of the infectious company of Punjabis!! These kind of weddings are extremely vibrant and colourful. It is not wrong to say that missing a punjabi wedding is no less than a crime. Let's take a look why?


There is never-ending Buffet

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There is never ending list of food. The buffet goes on for miles and every dish we can possibly dream about is available. From tandoori chicken to butter chicken to lacha parathas and a lot more.

Everything is Expensive

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Punjabis spare no expense, everything is extremely expensive and ostentatious. Bride is decked in a heavy designer attire with loads of jewellery, the groom is no less, he will be wearing necklace made of money. Everywhere you will look, you will see loud and vibrant decorations and attires.

There is a loop of Punjabi music, Dhol and Bhangda


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If one thing that is constant in punjabi wedding is, that punjabi music goes on and on and people will be dancing at every function and opportunity. Dhol is being played and all the crazy Baaratis are busy doing bhangda.

There is endless supply of Daaru

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Punjabis are extremely cool and chill people. They don't like to over think or worry about anything. There is endless supply of booze in their weddings and everybody is seen drinking at all the times. From old grandmothers to bride and groom themselves, everybody is busy drinking booze and doing crazy things.

It's Wedding for Days

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Punjabis need no special reason for celebrations. They can go on and on. They can arrange a new function every single day if they were allowed too. As it is there are over 5-7 different wedding functions that punjabis usually celebrate but they still can arrange for more functions to have extra fun.

Everything thing is Over The Top

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Every single thing in punjabi weddings is over the top. From vibrant decors to ostentatious clothes and jewellery of all the relatives. It is like an unsaid competition between all the relatives to show off their wealth. There will be additions of fireworks, over sized wedding cake.

Gossiping Aunties to Drunken Uncles

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Gossip Aunties and drunken uncles can be both fun and pain. These gossiping aunties look out for opportunity to share some gossip or they will be busy finding groom and bride for every other single person. All that drunken uncles care about, is having more drinks, dancing and boasting about their families!!

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