5 Yummy And Healthy Snacks To Binge Without Feeling Guilty!

5 Yummy And Healthy Snacks To Binge Without Feeling Guilty!

By GirlStyle on 29 Sep 2018

Dieting is not piece of cake ! It requires a lot of sacrifice and self control. It becomes hard to resist the temptation to eat pizzas, ice creams and all the unhealthy but yummy food. One can never be satisfied with the limited choice of food available. The best option is to enjoy some snacks that not only help in curbing the cravings but are also healthy and tasty. Let's take a look at some of those snacks.


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The ever classic popcorns are healthy and flavourful.  They don't have excessive calories and can be eaten at any time.

Roasted Chickpeas

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Roasted chickpeas are high in protein, delicious to eat and extremely fulfilling.


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Berries are small miracles. They are not only delicious but they also don't make us feel guilty after eating them in bulk.

Beetroot Chips

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High in fibre and minerals beetroot chips are yum and can be easily available.

Snack Bars

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They are comprised of granola, healthy seeds, nuts and cocoa, totally energising and tasty.

Banana Chips

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Banana chips are one of the healthiest substitute of potato chips. They are healthy and don't have calories like potato chips.


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Pistachios are one of the most healthiest nut to consume. They don't have much calories and keeps tummy full for a long period of time.


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