Kareena Kapoor Khan Uses This Breakfast Staple In Her Hair Oil

Kareena Kapoor Khan Uses This Breakfast Staple In Her Hair Oil

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By Samprita on 19 Apr 2023
Senior Digital Editor

Oh, have you heard about Kareena Kapoor's beauty secrets? This gal is a DIY queen! Even though she's got access to all the fancy schmancy beauty products out there, she prefers to stick with natural ingredients to keep her looking like a million bucks. And let me tell you, it definitely pays off!


In fact, in a recent interview, Kareena spilled the beans on how she takes her hair game to the next level. Not only does she love a good ol' oil massage for her locks, but she also adds a secret ingredient to her hair oil that turns her regular champi into a salon-worthy hair spa experience. Now, that's some serious hair magic!

Kareena Kapoor's Hair Oil Secret

Listen up, hair enthusiasts! We've got the inside scoop on Kareena Kapoor's secret DIY hack that will have your locks looking oh-so-gorgeous. When it comes to her hair routine, Bebo likes to keep it simple and fuss-free. But there's one hack that she swears by and it involves none other than our favourite breakfast staple – eggs!

Yep, you heard that right. Kareena loves to mix an egg with her weekly hair oil routine for that extra boost of protein. And let me tell you, eggs are no yolk when it comes to hair care. They're packed with proteins that can work wonders for your hair, giving it that salon-worthy shine and bounce. So why shell out big bucks on a keratin treatment when you can whip up this egg-cellent DIY hack at home?

How To Use Bebo's Egg-Infused Hair Oil 

Alright, hair enthusiasts, get ready to channel your inner Kareena Kapoor and give your locks some extra TLC! Here's how to make your very own egg-infused hair oil, just like Bebo herself.

First, crack open an egg into a bowl and whisk it up with a fork. Then, add three to four tablespoons of your favourite hair oil and give it a good stir. Apply this magical mixture from root to tip, and if you're feeling extra fancy, pop on a shower cap to keep it all in place. After at least an hour, rinse it off with your favourite shampoo and conditioner.

Benefits of Eggs For Hair 

Now, let's talk about the benefits of this hair hack. Eggs are like a superfood for your hair, packed with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, biotin, and healthy fats. All of these goodies work together to make your hair super soft, shiny, and smooth – just like keratin treatment, but without the hefty price tag.

But wait, there's more! By combining the egg and oil treatment with a deep conditioning hair mask, you'll be giving your locks the ultimate pampering sesh. Kareena is a big believer in the power of overnight oiling and recommends it for a healthy scalp. And when it comes to hair masks, she swears by the St. Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Mask. Trust me, your hair will thank you for this one!