Shopping For Your Bridal Kaleeras? Bookmark These 5 Celeb Designs That You Can Take Inspiration From!

Shopping For Your Bridal Kaleeras? Bookmark These 5 Celeb Designs That You Can Take Inspiration From!

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By Samprita on 23 Apr 2023
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Oh boy, do I have a juicy guilty pleasure to share with you! I can't help but obsess over decoding those gorgeous Bollywood bridal looks - it's just too much fun! I mean, come on, have you seen Kiara and Athiya's custom kaleeras? They were absolutely stunning! And it got me thinking, which other celeb brides had the cutest and most intricate kaleeras? I did some digging and let me tell you, I found some serious gems! Let's take a peek at my top faves!


Kiara Advani Never Misses A Beat! 

 Okay, can we just talk about Kiara's kaleeras for a second? They were designed by the amazing Mrinalini Chandra and they were seriously next-level! Not only did they have the couple's initials, but they also had a nod to their fave vacay spot in Rome - so chic! But the absolute cutest part had to be the charm of Sid's sweet pooch, Oscar, who has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. I mean, how heartwarming is that? It's the little details that make all the difference!

Athiya Shetty's One-Of-A-Kind! 


Athiya Shetty's kaleeras were seriously something else! Also, designed by the one and only Mrinalini Chandra, they had stars and sunflower trinkets that were out of this world. But wait, it gets even better! Athiya went the extra mile and had the saptapadi, which are the seven wedding vows of marriage, inscribed in Sanskrit. I mean, can we just take a moment to appreciate how much thought and effort went into making these kaleeras so special? Athiya, you are a true queen!

 Katrina Kaif's Design Was A Work Of Art

 Katrina Kaif's kaleeras were designed by the amazing Raabta Jewels and were customized to match her gorgeous wedding lehenga. I'm talking golden trinkets and red tassels - it was pure perfection! But what really stole the show was how she managed to represent both her and Vicky Kaushal's religions. Her kaleeras had a verse from the Holy Bible, as well as the sacred 'Om' symbol. I mean, talk about bridging the gap between cultures and religions in the most beautiful way possible! Way to go, Kat!

Alia Bhatt's Kaleeras Were A Reflection Of Her Fun-Loving Spirit

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

 Okay, can we just take a minute to talk about Alia Bhatt's kaleeras? Designed by the amazing Mrinalini Chandra, who revealed that they were a true reflection of Alia's bubbly personality. I mean, how cool is that? And to make things even more adorable, I spotted a 'number 8' charm on there - which we all know is Alia and Ranbir's lucky number! Like, seriously, how cute can they get? Those kaleeras were just pure perfection!

Priyanka Chopra's Love Saga Kaleeras

BollywoodShaadisPhoto from BollywoodShaadis

Priyanka Chopra's amazing kaleeras were seriously next-level! And of course, we have the talented Mrinalini Chandra to thank them. They have little trinkets that represent all the milestones in their relationship, from their first date to their wedding day. With a symbol of Greece to represent the proposal and a charm of the MET steps because that's where they first met. But the best part? An engraved silhouette of Mr Chip Potts from Beauty and the Beast - which happens to be their favourite fictional character! It's like a whole love story wrapped around her wrists! Priyanka, you are the ultimate queen of romance!

It's like every little detail on those kaleeras tells a story about their amazing love story. So future brides, take note - it's all about those personalized details that make your kaleeras truly special and meaningful!

Feature Image: Pinterest, Times Of India, BollywoodShaadis

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