Best Way To Get Rid Of Makeup Without Using Cotton Pads Or Cleansing Wipes

Best Way To Get Rid Of Makeup Without Using Cotton Pads Or Cleansing Wipes

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By Samprita on 05 Jan 2022
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NEWS NEWS NEWS! Washing your face before hitting the bed at night is non-negotiable. And the most convenient way to do it is by using a cotton pad or cleansing wipes. However, according to the beauty influencers on Instagram, makeup wipes may not be able to fully remove makeup. Here's an example to prove the following - apply foundation to an orange (its surface mimics the pores on our face) and use a makeup wipe to remove it. The result? Tons of makeup residue, which cleansing wipes failed to get rid of.


Apart from getting just half the job done, cotton pads and makeup wipes are not very great from the earth too. They get stuck in landfills if flushed and add to carbon emissions. Even if you opt for biodegradable wipes, they take a long time to degrade.

One of the easiest ways to remove dirt & makeup at the end of the day is by using a suitable cleanser. However, double cleansing is necessary to deeply cleanse your skin & remove every bit of makeup and dirt. Now, are you wondering how to double cleanse your skin without makeup wipes & cotton pads? Keep reading.

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How to double cleanse your skin?

Double cleansing involves using two different cleansers, and it's done once a day in the evening. Take a balm based cleanser or olive oil and apply it all over your face, massage it gently until the makeup starts to melt. Then use a damp & soft cotton flannel cloth to wipe away the makeup.

For the second routine, use a gel-based cleanser or milk to gently rinse away the toxins & dirt to leave the skin feeling clean and smooth. Massage it in for a minute, then wash it off with lukewarm water to get clean & fresh skin.


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