#NavratriSpecial: Bollywood Celeb Inspiration To Wear 9 Colours Of Navratri

#NavratriSpecial: Bollywood Celeb Inspiration To Wear 9 Colours Of Navratri

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By Samprita on 22 Sep 2018
Senior Digital Editor

The Navratri celebrations are about to begin in a few days and we want you to dress just right for all the days of the auspicious festival. Navratri is celebrated every year in honour of Goddess Durga, to pay respect to her nine avatars. Well, there are allegedly a lot of customs that are associated with the festival which a lot of people aren't aware of.


One of them being from the fashion sphere of the celebrations, the nine days are dedicated to different colours and the devotees need to wear a distinct colour each day. If you are also one of those who has no idea about how to go about it this Navratri then here is a breakdown of the colours you can opt for the festival each day. But to keep it, even more, interesting, let's take some fashion-inspo from our gorgeous B-town divas that you can try out this Navratri -

Day 1 - Yellow

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

The most appropriate shade to begin your festival which represents energy and happiness.

Day 2 - Green

The Indian ExpressPhoto from The Indian Express

The go-to colour for the second day of the festival which represents peace & harmony.


Day 3 - Grey

Bollywood HungamaPhoto from Bollywood Hungama

Grey colour represents a cool and balanced mind. If you want you can combine it with brighter colours while styling.
Day 4- Orange

Fashion ka FatkaPhoto from Fashion ka Fatka

Orange being a bright shade signifies enthusiasm and creativity.

Day 5- White

CircleMagPhoto from CircleMag

White is the symbol of peace and purity on the 5th day of the celebrations.


Day 6- Red

indiatoday.inPhoto from indiatoday.in

Red is an all-time fav of all the girls, which represents brightness and power.

Day 7 - Blue

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Start your 7th day with blue coloured outfits that signify superiority and power. Plus you are free to try any shade of blue you like!

Day 8- Pink

TwitterPhoto from Twitter

Another favourite of the girls! You can wear any outfit in pink which signifies the colour of love and romanticism.

Day 9 - Purple

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

For the last day of the pooja, you can wear a purple colour outfit which symbolises royalty, power and luxury.

Picture Credit - Pinterest, Twitter, indiatoday.in, CircleMag, Fashion ka Fatka, Bollywood Hungama, The Indian Express

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