This Video Of Anushka Sharma Lifting Hubby Virat Kohli In Her Arms Is A Subtle Reminder That Women Can Do It All

This Video Of Anushka Sharma Lifting Hubby Virat Kohli In Her Arms Is A Subtle Reminder That Women Can Do It All

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By Samprita on 09 Apr 2021
Senior Digital Editor

Let's just say it once and for all that Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's candid videos are the best in B-town as compared to any other celebrity couple's videos. Call us unfair but that is the truth! There has not been a single #Virushka video to date that did not slay the internet.


From Anushka giving her hubby Virat a haircut during the lockdown to Virat asking his pregnant wife if she ate, everything they do becomes viral. And why wouldn't it be? These two are absolutely adorable together. Well, if you happen to agree with us here, we have something that will make you super excited. Now, what that would be you wonder? A new and cutesy #Virushka video!

New mommy Anushka is finally back at work after the birth of her daughter Vamika and she recently joined Virat Kohli for an ad shoot. During the shoot, the duo got all goofy. And while Anushka was just acting to lift Virat up, she actually ended up doing it. To which Virat's instant reaction was "oh teri" and his shocked face said it all. "Did I do it? Rubbish!" was all that Anushka could say at that very moment.

In the video, you can clearly see her lifting the skipper. However, being the amazing husband Virat is, he goes on encouraging Anushka to "try it again" and see just how strong she has become. Still not believing that she has actually managed to lift Virat, the actress then asks him to not help her and says, "Don't lift yourself". And then she lifts him once again. Here take a look at the video:

Yes, the video is as cute as it gets and anyone who watches it going all *aww-dorable* is a complete pathhar dil. Also, we totally love the fact that Virat is so encouraging towards Anushka to lift him up and flaunt her strength. But it definitely is Anushka who happens to be the centre of attraction in the video. I mean can you believe it, she just gave birth three months ago?! We are a big big fan of her strength and we have no doubts that the new mommy has been hustling in the gym and we all should take notes from her.

This video is proof that women are strong enough to do it all. Anushka in this case gave birth, is back at work and is surely killing it at the gym too. We don't need to say anything more, right?!


Feature Image: DNA India

Text By: GirlStyle India

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