How To Create Thick And Bushy Brows With A Bar Of Soap

How To Create Thick And Bushy Brows With A Bar Of Soap

By Samprita on 07 Apr 2021
Senior Digital Editor

Beauty trends are volatile but one trend that has passed the test of time is thick and bushy brows. Apart from defining your face, brows literally have the power to change your entire appearance. If you are someone who has committed the crime of overplucking your brows or your parlour vali didi has left you with thin eyebrows, then this is what you need to do!


We have got a few tricks that can help you fake bushy brows in no time. Do you know the best part? It requires a very basic item from your bathroom - a bar of soap. Keep reading to find out how to use this bathing essential to get the brows you have always wanted.

Things you need: 

  • A bar of clear soap
  • Stiff angled brow brush
  • Brow Pomade
  • Concealer

How to get do it:

Step 1: Make sure that your spoolie is clean before you start with the process. Wet the spoolie brush and rub it against a soap bar.

Step 2: Brush your brow hair in an upwards direction using the same spoolie. This will give your eyebrows a bushy look. The soap will cling to each individual hair and make it look thicker.

Step 3: Take a brow pomade on an angled brush and create hair-like strokes in sparse areas.

Step 4: Make sure that you don't overfill your eyebrows as this will look unnatural. Comb through your brows using the spoolie in brush-like strokes for a natural look.


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Text By: GirlStyle India