Learn How To Create More Volume At The Roots Of Your Hair

Learn How To Create More Volume At The Roots Of Your Hair

By Samprita on 03 Jan 2023
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Blow dryers and hair straighteners are every girl's saviour from bad hair days! Heat-styling tools can not only transform your frizzy & dull mane into poker straight tresses but also switch sleek hair into bouncy curls. From adding volume to more glam to your hair look, there's nothing that a trustworthy hair styling tool can't do. But not to forget, overusing these tools can also do some serious damage to the texture of your hair.   *sob-sob*


Overusing heating tools can lead to hair breakage and your mane could lose moisture, thereby leaving it damaged, dry & lifeless. And that's not all! Heat is the main reason behind split ends, therefore if you want to maintain the health of your hair, it is suggested to limit the use of heat-styling appliances as much as you can. And if you are wondering how to add volume to your hair without using heat, we have got you covered girl!

How to create volume 

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You'll be ecstatic to know that there's a trick that will create volume without the use of heat. Yup, you read that right! Keep reading to know more!

If you are someone who struggles in making their hair look fuller and bouncy every time you have to attend an occasion, then you must try to simple hair hack.  The ones who don't naturally have volume and you let your hair air-dry, it will lay flat on your head, making it look thinner.

Instead, what you should do is pull the front section back while your hair is still damp with a pair of sunglasses and then push them a little forward to loosen it up. As headbands can be too tight for your hair, sunglasses work the best. Leave the sunglasses as it is until your hair dries completely. What you will now see is an instant lift in your roots and you'll get loads of volume.


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