Don't Feel Like Packing Your Summer Clothes? Here’s How To Wear Them This Winter

Don't Feel Like Packing Your Summer Clothes? Here’s How To Wear Them This Winter

By Samprita on 09 Nov 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Is it just me or you gorgeous ladies don't like winters too?  Personally, winters aren't my favourite because of the extra layering of clothes and all the dryness. But without a doubt, it is the best time of the year with Christmas and New Year just around the corner! Thinking of such festivities we ought to make some space in our wardrobe for our cosy sweaters and chic trenchcoats.


But with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in 2020, things have stirred quite a bit. My closet is a mess with the summer outfits still not being packed in boxes. With nowhere to go and being stuffed in my razai all day long, summer clothes are still being used a lot.

And while wondering about how I should clean my wardrobe, I have decided not to leave them alone this time for months. Instead, why not use the summer clothes and create looks that will surely grab some eyeballs!

Keep reading to know tips & tricks that will help you use your summer wardrobe in winter.

Skirts with warm leggings

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Who says you cannot wear your favourite skirt in winters? You can pair your skirts with warm leggings or stockings. If you are opting for a long skirt, you can totally wear them with ankle-length boots.

Jeans with leg warmers


Jeans are great from all the times but the denim could be a little too thin for winters. The easiest and cosiest way to wear them is by pairing them with leg warmers. You can easily find a pair that extends up to your knees which will keep you warm and look fashionable too.

Shirts under sweaters

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You can recreate this chic office look by pairing your round neck sweater with your favourite shirt. You can pull your hair back in a high ponytail or neat bun and complete the look with clear glasses.

Shorts with thigh-high boots

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Shorts are our absolute summer favourite because of how comfortable they are. To wear them in winters, you just need a pair of stylish thigh-high boots and voila you are all ready to strut on the street.

Layer up the strappy dress

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Last summer was all about strappy midi dresses and we are damn sure that you too at least own one of them. To rock them in winters, you can layer them with a turtle neck sweater and lace-up boots. You can complete the look with hoop earrings and layered necklaces.


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