4 Reasons Why You Should Be Deep Conditioning Your Hair

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Deep Conditioning Your Hair

By Samprita on 20 Oct 2020
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Who doesn't dream of straight, shiny and silky hair, like the ones they show in shampoo commercials? However, it is not that easy when it comes to reality! A city filled with high pollution level and chaotic schedule barely leaves us with enough time to take good care of our hair.


Another issue being, exposing our hair to heat styling tools on almost every other day that not damages our hair & leads to dry and frizzy hair. This is when *Deep conditioning treatment* makes a grand entry!

A deep conditioning treatment is the best way to restore moisture and shine in damaged and lifeless hair. No matter what your hair type is, a deep conditioning treatment must be a part of your weekly hair care regimen. Want to know why? Keep reading...

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Benefits of deep conditioning:

Restores shine: This routine nourishes hair from deep within by penetrating into the hair shafts and adds a natural & healthy shine.

Promotes elasticity: Dry and dull hair lacks protein and moisture. Using the deep conditioning treatment like an overnight hair mask can promote hair elasticity which prevents hair breakage.

Helps colour treated hair: Colour treated hair can become dry & lifeless if not looked after. Using this treatment can condition your hair and will make your colour look fresh too.


Repairs damage: Those with damaged hair can benefit from the deep conditioning treatment the most. It not only repairs hair from roots to tip but also prevents hair from breakage and split ends.

How to do the deep conditioning treatment

There are multiple different ways to deep condition your hair. Some prefer using a conditioner or indulging in a hot oil massage. Another effective way is to use a moisturising hair mask to strengthen dry and weak hair.

How to apply a hair mask:

#1 After you have shampooed your hair, pick out a hair mask on your palm and massage it into wet hair. You can prepare a DIY hair mask at home or purchase one online.

#2 Apply generously on the hair, focusing more on the lengths and tips.

#3 Wrap your hair in a towel soaked in hot water - this step would allow the hair mask to penetrate better.

#4 Rinse off well with cool water.


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