This Mind-Blowing Hack Gets Every Last Drop of Product From the Bottom of the Liquid Lipstick Tube

This Mind-Blowing Hack Gets Every Last Drop of Product From the Bottom of the Liquid Lipstick Tube

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By Samprita on 15 Oct 2020
Senior Digital Editor

As a beauty buff, a huge amount of my salary is spent on buying new and interesting beauty products launched in the market. Given how much I spend on them and since some of them are a little too expensive, I try my very best to use it till the very last drop. But, (yeah there is a but too) when it comes to liquid lipsticks, it's a whole different scenario. I have always preferred liquid lipsticks over bullet ones as I have thin lips and the application is much easier when it's a wand applicator.


With foundations and blushes, you can at least reach in the corners with a spatula or scrape out the product. But liquid lipsticks come in slimmer tubes with the tiniest opening which makes it way more difficult to scoop out the last drop of the product.

It is pretty frustrating because a lot of the product gets settled at the bottom and the sides of the tube. But while getting our daily dose of Instagram, we found this account @empties.likemysoul, wherein we got our hands on a genius method to fix this problem!

How to do it: 

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Step 1: With the help of a knife or blade, carefully pop open the inner plastic cap, placed at the very top of the tube.

Step 2: With the help of the smallest spatula or lip brush you own, get all the product out of the tube. You can twist the spatula to get the product onto your spatula. You may have to repeat this step a couple of times to get every last drop of the product out of the tube.

Step 3: Store the scraped product in a tin can or a reusable container(like that for lip balms) and use a lip brush to apply it. You can also use another liquid lipstick wand to apply it.

The practice of using the last bit of every product from your makeup and skincare helps reduce waste. Another amazing thing is that you will be spending less on new ones since your old product will now last longer. If you ask us, it is definitely *paisa-vasool*!


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