Easy And Safe Tips To Remove Mehendi From Your Hands

Easy And Safe Tips To Remove Mehendi From Your Hands

By Anuradha on 11 Sep 2020
Digital Editor

Apart from being a ritual, Indian brides themselves like to apply mehendi on their hands till elbows and feet during their wedding. The colour of the mehendi looks beautiful once you remove it but after a week, it stars to fade and it is definitely not a pretty sight. In case, you are going for a honeymoon then it's a matter of concern because not only it won't compliment your dresses but also make your pictures bad. Thus, we are here to help you.


Have a look at easy and simple ways to remove mehendi from your hands:

Pour some sea slat in water and soak your hands in it for 20 min. Salt is a cleanser and thus, it will help your mehendi to fade away.

Use the face scrub to exfoliate your hands. This will really prove to be helpful for you.

You can dip your hands in warm water for some time and then gently rub it with loofah.

Create a mixture with some olive oil and salt. Use it on henna.

Toothpaste is a powerful cleansing agent. Just put it on your mehendi and leave it for a few minutes. Gently remove it after some time.

We hope these tips are helpful for you.

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