5 Daily Problems Only Indian Women Face

5 Daily Problems Only Indian Women Face

By Samprita on 08 Dec 2020
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India has advanced significantly in these years and who remembers the speech Akshay Kumar gave in Namastey London? That was crazy as hell and had all the pointers which portrayed the brighter side of India. However, we feel there is so much to India that we miss out on especially when it comes to women living in India. They go through a certain degree of struggle which is entirely different from what Indian society faces in general. It honestly feels like everything has advanced except the behaviour of society towards women. Between the struggle and modern approach towards life, there are certain issues that Indian women have to tackle in their day-to-day lives. We are sure you will totally relate with all the points we have listed down below.


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Arriving late at home is simply banned if you don't own a vehicle.

Using public transport on the other hand at night is a big no in India since it's pretty dangerous. Your parents will probably give you permission for that only and only if you are a wrestler by profession or you have a good diction of abusive words.

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Wearing short dresses is the biggest sin!

Indian women often have to wear full clothes while leaving home most of the times and they only get to change in the car or at the metro washrooms which are pretty chaotic and weird to use for changing clothes. Women have often blamed that short dresses promote behaviour in men.

Touching at all the wrong places in public spaces-


Every Indian girl would always carry a pepper spray or a Swiss knife in her bag to scare away goons or men who would stare at them for over a span of 1 minute. These are probably the two biggest weapons of a girl in case of crisis.

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Turning 24 is a big nightmare!

By the time you hit your early 20's your heart starts sinking cause the only thing you will be hearing throughout those years is 'When will you marry, beta?' Once you graduate and hit 24 you are bound to be surrounded by colony aunties, relatives and uncles ranting that you have grown old enough, which obviously means marriage time has arrived for you. Wouldn't you want to kill yourself if you heard you need to settle down only to have kids!

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The pressure to juggle between work and family responsibilities

Once you are married, you are basically living between two worlds. One is your own which you create for yourself and the other is the world your parents-in-law want you to live in. You have to manage your work, career, all the household chores and look after the kids too. Families are not very supportive that way so a normal Indian woman might have to start her day 3 hours before the regular timings.

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