Planning Honeymoon Post COVID-19? Here're Things To Keep In Mind

Planning Honeymoon Post COVID-19? Here're Things To Keep In Mind

By Anuradha on 21 Aug 2020
Digital Editor

From weddings to shopping, everything has changed after coronavirus. Wearing masks, using sanitizer have become a new normal. We have to start living with corona as a result of which new rules are coming up. If your are planning to go on a honeymoon post COVID-19, there are many things that you need to keep in mind.


Things that you should keep in mind before planning your honeymoon:

Before booking flights, be aware about the policies of airline companies. There are chances that companies will have less passengers due to social distancing norms.

To stop the spread of coronavirus, new rules regarding foods and beverages can be introduced. You should be aware of it.

Cancellation policy might also change due to pandemic.

Once the international flight resumes, you have to be aware of the quarantine procedures of other countries as well.

Before booking any hotel, a couple has to check if the hotel is properly sanitized or they are following the new guidelines.

Well, everybody is eagerly waiting for the vaccine. However, the experts have predicted that we have to wait till 2021 for it.

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