Shaadi Post COVID-19? Here Are Tips To Follow For Great Skin 

Shaadi Post COVID-19? Here Are Tips To Follow For Great Skin 

Skin Care
By Anuradha on 27 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

Hey soon-to-be-brides, we all know things are not going to be same for you after your wedding is rescheduled due to lockdown. As the pandemic is still here, there are many things that you can't do. You have to refrain yourself from going to public places unless and until it's very important. So, here let's focus on things that you can do from home for your pre-wedding beauty  routine.

Have a look:

During this time, you can't visit your makeup artist frequently. Thus, select some bridal looks that you like and send it to your makeup artist. Now, consult on phone if that would suit you.

We all know you could be busy with the preparation but it is very important to take your beauty sleep else nobody can save you from dark circles.

Make the best use of this time and pamper your skin. Hydrate your skin using sheet masks. Exfoliate your face and you can also go for DIY face masks.


Don't do anything with your eyebrows, let it grow. This way, your makeup artist can work on it.

Include Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc in your diet. Don't forget to exercise properly.

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