Tried Black Tea? 5 Of Its Benefits That You Didn't Know

Tried Black Tea? 5 Of Its Benefits That You Didn't Know

By Anuradha on 22 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

You might have many times heard people criticizing tea and coffee. Well, over-indulging can be dangerous to your heath but a cup of black tea has some impressive benefits. Are you aware of it? If not then we are here to help you out. Today, we are going to tell you the benefits of black tea.


Have a look:

It contains antioxidant which is good for your heart's health.Thus, adding it to your routine will save you from many diseases.

This is known to all that high blood pressure can increase the risk of heart and kidney failure, stroke and vision loss.  Some studies have showed that back tea helps in reducing blood pressure.

People who drink a cup of black tea regularly have stronger bones and have a lower chance of developing arthritis.

Some studies showcased that people consuming black tea have 70% lower chance of having or developing type 2 diabetes.

In India, people swear by chai. We all know that it helps in relieving stress. Amino acid L-theanine present in black tea helps to relax and concentrate better.

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