Are You Feeling Depressed? These Meditation Techniques Can Help You

Are You Feeling Depressed? These Meditation Techniques Can Help You

By Anuradha on 06 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

Depression is a common mental illness and talking about it is not taboo. You need a proper treatment to deal with it. If you feel sad inside or after waking up you feel like going back to sleep then there are chances that you are suffering from depression. In this case, meditation might help you.


Studies have proved that meditation gives calmness and peace and thus, improve your emotional well-being and boost your mood. Thus, doing meditation on a regular basis can help you deal with depression .

Here are meditation techniques that you can practice.

Mindful breathing is a form of meditation in which a person is asked to gather thoughts and focus on breathing. You should do it by closing your eyes so that you can concentrate.

Gratitude breathing means expressing gratitude for all good that has happened to you. For people who feel sad, this technique reminds them to be thankful to all that's good.

Kapalbhati has  mental, physical and spiritual advantages. It involves inhalation and exhalation with free movements of the stomach.

These days due to lockdown, people have stated that they find it difficult to deal with certain emotions and there is nothing better than meditation.

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