Bye-Bye Glass Skin, This is Slated To Be 2020's Biggest K-Beauty Trend

Bye-Bye Glass Skin, This is Slated To Be 2020's Biggest K-Beauty Trend

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By Samprita on 13 Jul 2020
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When glass skin came into trend, it gave every matte-dreamy look a run for its money. And now glass skin is being overtaken by cream skin, all thanks to K-beauty! That's the thing with beauty trends - they come, slay and go, outplaying the other. And no, we are not complaining!


Although throughout 2019, we saw glass skin dominating the runways and red carpets. In fact, we would have never thought that there would be any other way to do our base makeup, if not dewy. But, hang in there, enter now is 2020 is cream skin and it has changed the way we look at glass skin forever.

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What is cream skin?

Cream skin is the new & hyped K-beauty trend that has taken the beauty world by storm. Cream skin feels gentle and is achieved by combining two primary skincare products - toner and moisturiser.

Yes! you read it, right ladies! When you mix the absorbing and softening properties of a toner with the hydrating properties of a moisturiser, you achieve cream skin. Combining the two will give you a lightweight, refreshing and a milky texture that will quickly absorb into your skin and make it look super-hydrated and brighter.

What's the best thing about the cream skin trend?

Unlike the glass skin, that requires you to follow a 10-step skincare regimen, cream skin is super simple. It not only makes your skin routine easy but also helps you save on the products. Amid our busy and hectic schedules, we hardly get the time to follow an elaborate skincare routine regularly. That's exactly when cream skin comes to your rescue.

Also, you no more have to carry a zillion products while you are travelling & you can still achieve the desired result. A win-win at all times, isn't it?


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