4 Reasons *Ek Tarfa Pyaar* Is Good For You, Have A Look

4 Reasons *Ek Tarfa Pyaar* Is Good For You, Have A Look

By Anuradha on 01 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

Love is indeed beautiful and what's better than falling in love with the person who also feel the same. But, people are not always lucky and this is the reason ek tarfa pyaar exists. If you look it, one-sided love also has its own benefits. Obviously, it is easy to say it, but if you try you can get over it.


Here are reasons one-sided love is good for you:

You don't have expectations from the person. You know that you are not going to receive the love that you are showering. In a way, you get emotionally stronger.

When you don't get love from outside, you start focusing on yourself. Thus, you start loving yourself more.

Well, once in a lifetime, we have always taken people who love us for granted. Being in one-sided love teaches us that you don't easily get people who love you back. Thus, you should always be grateful if somebody  is taking care of you.

Obviously, your bond with your friends become stronger because they are the only ones who know about it. They do everything to cheer you up.

One-sided love isn't always good but it's definitely depend on your perception how you deal with it.

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