This Secret "Nuska" Helps Actress Dipika Kakkar To Stay Healthy, Fit & In Maintain Glowing Skin

This Secret "Nuska" Helps Actress Dipika Kakkar To Stay Healthy, Fit & In Maintain Glowing Skin

By kashish on 04 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Actress Dipika Kakkar is one of the most loved and adored celebrity in world of television industry. Her warm, welcoming and jovial nature is one of the biggest reason of her high fan following. She has exceptional acting skills but it is her friendly and jolly nature that separates her from most of the celebrities and has led her to win the hearts of millions of people. The actress was last seen on show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum opposite Karan Singh Grover but the sudden end of the show left all their fans sad and heart broken.


Even though we do not get to see our favourite actress on television, the great news is that Dipika is extremely active on her social media accounts and loves to interact with all her fans and followers. Almost everyday the actress manages to share a glimpse of her life and family with her fans and her fans love her for it. If you want to learn anything about Dipika you must definitely follow her Instagram account for that is where she loves to share about herself.

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Dipika recently shared one of her biggest secret which almost all her fans were dying to know about. The actress spilled beans about her health, fitness and glowing skin. Dipika shared how this secret thing is the reason behind her health, her fitness and her ever glowing skin and it turned out to be "Herbal Kadha".  One desi nausea that we all used to run away from, during our childhood and complain about its flavour. The actress shared a picture of herself, wearing a black tea and with her beautiful hair open holding a cup of "Kadha".

It seems like the most unexpected thing but now we all at least are well aware behind the secret of Dipika's toned figure and glossy skin. Seeing how wonderful and beneficial it is, it will be a shame to not try it and knowing that we will be missing out on the two things we always wanted to achieve - fitness and radiant skin.


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