3 Wacky & Weird Ways That Can Help You Achieving Glowing & Radiant Skin You Always Desired For

3 Wacky & Weird Ways That Can Help You Achieving Glowing & Radiant Skin You Always Desired For

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By kashish on 04 Jun 2020
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The sacred rule of maintaining healthy skin is to follow our skincare routine religiously without skipping it. We all have our skincare routines that suit our skin best. It mostly includes CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising) for basics then depending upon our skin type we all tend to different products and different ways to cater the need of our skin. One thing is for sure that each and everyone of us pay a hefty price to ensure we get right skincare products or equipments for our routine. 


As weird as it will sound but there are 3 unusual and a little offbeat ways that that help you all in achieving the flawless and radiant skin you every dreamt about and that too without burning holes in your bank account. Now these tricks might sound a little weird and maybe wacky but one thing is for sure they are extremely effective. No, we wont ask you to try some snail serum or some vampire therapy that might freak our but some basics will just do fine.

Take a look.


The most simply yet a little terrifying thing to do is to dunk your head into the bowl of ice water. Many celebs follow this trick. It helps in reducing the redness and puffiness from the skin. Ice also helps in cooling down acne prone inflamed skin. Ice boosts circulation and helps in making skin look naturally flushed and radiant.

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The secret behind your glowing skin on some days is in your knuckles. Make it a regular habit to massage your moisturiser into your skin and deep pithing by using your knuckles.Massaging cream into the skin with knuckles helps in motivating the blood circulation in the skin that not only causes the skin to develop natural flush but it makes the skin look radiant.

Sweat it out

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As weird as it sounds, the more you sweat, the more your skin will glow. Now you can argue by stating that sweat on your skin causes breakouts, right? But no, it's not the sweat that cause breakouts on the skin its the routine that you follow that causes you acne issues. Once you start sweating it is important to get rid of sweat from the face instead of just leaving it be.

Sweat tends to clog our skin pores with all the impurities that stick on our face, hence always remember to wash your face as soon as you done with your workout and moisturise your skin.

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