Can't Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells & BlackHeads? Here Comes An Amazing Coffee Scrub To The Rescue

Can't Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells & BlackHeads? Here Comes An Amazing Coffee Scrub To The Rescue

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By kashish on 01 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Honestly, we cannot live without coffee. We need a good cuppa to wake us up and charge us for the day. Thats not all other that being used as daily charger or in cooking, coffee also has multitude of amazing other uses. Coffee is known for its amazing properties that helps in getting rid of cellulite and most importantly coffee helps in dealing with multiple skincare issues.


It is really very important to take care of our skin on regular basis to avoid dealign with any skin issues and even then we sometimes end up dealing with problems like stubborn blackheads and dead skin cells that makes our skin look dull, aged and tired. Dead skin cells appear due to dryness of our skin, when our skin poses all its moisture. Blackheads on the other hand are caused when our skin pores get clogged. Now this is when we tell you that you can get rid of both the skin troubles by simply using coffee!

Yes, a simple DIY scrub that you can prepare at home within no time can help you in getting rid of blackheads and dead skin cells that will make your skin look healthy, neat and glowing.

BeautenaraPhoto from Beautenara

Take a look at how can you prepare the miraculous scrub at home.

1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
1/2  Lemon Juice
2 tablespoon Coffee
1/2 cup Yogurt

Mix all the ingredients properly, apply the mixture onto your skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Once the mixture starts drying out a little, start massaging it gently and focus of areas with blackheads and dead skin cells. Once done, rinse and apply moisturiser.

Voila, you will heave clear and clean skin in no time. You can continue this ritual once every week to maintain the skin.


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