DIY Skin Care Remedy Our Bebo AKA Kareena Kapoor Swears By For Flawless & Glowing Skin

DIY Skin Care Remedy Our Bebo AKA Kareena Kapoor Swears By For Flawless & Glowing Skin

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By kashish on 21 May 2020
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Bollywood's Begum aka Kareena Kapoor is beauty personified. She is inspiration to millions of people, anything and every the does becomes a trend within no time and people love to follow her footsteps. One can say she is practically Bollywood film industry's true royalty. While the actress has been known for various achievements and attributes, one thing that people do love about her is her beautiful and flawless skin. While we can totally say its in the fabulous Kapoor genes (Karishma & Ranbir, duh!) but we cannot also deny that there are secret beauty treatments and rituals that we would love to know.


Since the entire nation is quarantining for past few weeks, even Kareena has resorted to spending her time by pampering herself by using natural face masks. The actress recently shared a video on her social media account and she was busy telling all her fans, what normal days at home feel like and we could totally relate with her. Kareena seemed to have applied a ubtan face mask and while we were not sure about it we found out that it actually is an extremely simple face masks made up of almond oil and yogurt.


A few years ago during one of her interviews the actress let the secrete behind her beautiful, flawless and glowing skin, out and it turns out she swears by this face mask when it comes to dealing with skin troubles. Not only Kareena but entire Kapoor family swears by this little face mask.

Mix almond oil with some yogurt and apply it to you skin for 30 minutes before rinsing your skin with lukewarm water.

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Almond oil is know to be a rich source of vitamin E. It hydrates the skin and gets rid of inflammation. Yogurt on the other hand also hydrates the skin, cools it and soothes the skin. This mask can be used to get rid of dark under eye, tiredness, patchiness, etc.

As we look at Kareena's skin, one thing is for sure that this face mask works like magic and it will be a shame to not try it while we are sitting in our homes.


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