Style Guide 2018:  Must-Have Bags For Every Budding Fashionista

Style Guide 2018: Must-Have Bags For Every Budding Fashionista

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By Shivani Yadav on 14 Sep 2018

In our ongoing series of helping you lovely fashion enthusiasts find your style, we are finally coming to much-loved handbags after covering pants, dresses, necklaces, skirts and shoes. We'll say what we say everytime, all of these are a must-have for a reason but if you're just a starter, this list will help you in testing the waters and that is always very fun!


Shoulder Bags

IRockBagPhoto from IRockBag

Undoubtedly the most common type of bag, they are not only extremely handy but also come in various designs and colors. So if you have a specific style in your mind, there is a big chance that it is probably out there waiting for you!



Insaata Photo from Insaata

Clutches are generally carried during formal engagements to enhance your assumingly glamorous outfit in a small yet significant way.



Sling Bag

sesuraPhoto from sesura

Not every outfit can be completed with a shoulder bag or clutch and sling bags are the perfect middle-path for them. For a dressy day out, they are the way to go!



pinterestPhoto from pinterest

These tiny things are one of the most essential part of a woman's life, carrying everything from cash to all of your important documents, and there's no reason why you shouldn't get a wallet that perfectly reflects your taste, especially when they are available in so many prints and patterns!


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