Former Bigg Boss Contestant Sambhavna Seth Rushed To Hospital, Here's What Happened 

Former Bigg Boss Contestant Sambhavna Seth Rushed To Hospital, Here's What Happened 

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By Anuradha on 06 May 2020
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Former Bigg Boss contestant and actress Sambhavna Seth was rushed to the hospital on Monday. The information was shared by her husband, Avinash Dwivedi. Later, it was known that her blood pressure went low and she was also suffering from an ear infection. Her husband wrote, "Hi Guys, yesterday night we had to rush to the hospital as Sambhavna is unwell. We came back at 5 am and now taking her again to the hospital. So there will be no vlog today."


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While talking to Spotboye, Sambhavna said, "Actually, my blood pressure went very low and I fainted. Also, I have a major ear infection. Right now, my ear is completely blocked. By the way, no hospitals let us in at 4 in the morning. They didn’t open their gates. I tried a few and then we went to Kokilaben and thankfully, they attended me. But after my check-up and treatment, they told me to leave as it was not safe for me. That’s why we went again in the day."

She further added, "I pray to God that no one falls sick at this time because the situation outside is extremely difficult. It makes you feel sicker when hospitals are also not in a position to help you. I thought I was getting an anxiety attack when I had to run from one hospital to another. I felt something will happen to me."

On a related note, Sambhavna was one of the most popular actresses of Bhojpuri cinema. She participated in Bigg Boss and created a stir in the house with her straight forward attitude.

We wish her a speedy recovery!

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