Single No More?! Here Are 6 Things That You Should Keep In Mind When Starting A New Relationship

Single No More?! Here Are 6 Things That You Should Keep In Mind When Starting A New Relationship

By kashish on 04 May 2020
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Starting a new relationship is one of the best time of a relationship. Everything is new, every opportunity to know more about your partner feels thrilling. Starting a new relationship can be scary due to multitude of possibilities, hopes and expectations and for the very same reasons it is also exciting and feels like an adventure. But since the relationship is fairly new, it also brings hesitation, a little need yo hold oneself and one's emotion back and the need to put up an act to understand or to be alright with certain something's that your partner does even though you cannot understand the reasons behind it.


Even though the relationship is new, you don't have to keep up the falsetto, since there are high chances that your partner may assume it to be your nature and a normal respond to their actions. It can be hurtful later when you get the chances to to open up and talk about it.

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Take a note of 6 things that you should never do when you start a new relationship.

Do not ever compare your current partner with your ex. Your ex was a part of your past relationship while your current partner is someone different. Comparison will lead to nothing but insecurity, pain, delusions and misunderstanding.

Ask for some time for yourself and enjoy your personal space. Even if the relationship is fairly new, it does not mean that you don't deserve your own time. A little space of your own will help you in understanding your thoughts and finding your footing. It will also let you know if your partner is clingy ad demanding or not.

You don't have to keep up the pretences. If you don't like something then you don't have to put up and act. Let your partner know about your thoughts and help them in understanding your reasons behind saying "no" to something.

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Stand by your thoughts and opinions. Just because you have a partner does not mean, you don't have your freedom. Do not hesitate to vocalise your feelings and objections about something.

Keep your family and friends always in the loop. Just because you are starting a new relationship does not mean that you don't have to keep yup with your family and friends. Manage your time well, spend time while watching movie with your friends or by enjoying a dinner with your family members.

Listen to your partner's concerns and instead of brushing them off lightly, try to understand them better and communicate about them with your partner.



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