Ace Your Hair Game With This Chain Link Braid

Ace Your Hair Game With This Chain Link Braid

By Samprita on 28 Apr 2020
Senior Digital Editor

You may not be familiar with what a chain link braid is, but let us tell you that it has been all over Pinterest lately and we spotted it on international runways too. What we adore the most about this hairstyle is that it is very simple to make, looks elegant and rocks your athleisure wear perfectly.


So, if you came here to look for a post-lockdown gym hairstyle that would stay put or simply because you wanted to try a new braiding technique, we are here to help you. Follow all the steps mentioned below to master the chain-link braid.

Hairdressers JournalPhoto from Hairdressers Journal

Step 01: A chain link braid required four sections of hair, unlike the classic braid which requires three.

Step 02: To start, tie your hair into a high ponytail and seperate your ponytail into two sections.

Step 03: Clip one section away and divide the other one into two equal parts further. Twist both these sections together on the right.

Step 04: Continue rope twisting the two halves until you reach the end and secure it with an elastic.

Step 05:  Unclip the other section of the ponytail, seperate again into two equal sections and rope braid them together to the left. Complete this to the end and secure it in place with a hair tie.

Step 06: Now that you have achieved two twisted sections of your hair, twist them together going in the right direction. This will interlock the sections and voila! your chain link braid is done.


Feature Image: American Salon, Hairdressers Journal

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