Steps To Make Your Own Cuticle Oil At Home For After Manicure Effect

Steps To Make Your Own Cuticle Oil At Home For After Manicure Effect

By kashish on 23 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

Most of the time we are all are extremely dependent on our manicurist or salon professionals to take care of our hands and make them look as beautiful as possible. Perfectly trimmed nails, cuticles removed, nails glimmering with a soft nail paint just do wonders and make our hands looks dainty. Now that due to lockdown we cannot go to salmon or get manicure, we thought about sharing with you the secret of making cuticle oil at home by using just a few products. 


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The fact that now we all are living without the luxury of having house helps and are managing all the work by our own selves, we deserve manicures or little pampering more than ever. The best way to get rid of dry skin around nails and brittle nails will be cuticle oil.  Not only does it hydrates the skin but makes hands feel softer as well.

Take a look how you can prepare the oil at home.

Products that you will need-

Almond Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil &
An Empty Bottle of Nail Paint or Roll on bottle

Pour 1 spoonful of almond oil in the bottle then add 4 props of essential oil each, put the cap on the bottle and give it a good shake and allow the ingredients to get mixed. Voila, your cuticle oil is ready to be used.

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Make it a habit to apply it around your nails every night before you sleep or after you have changed your nail paint. Gently massage it with your fingers and allow the skin to absorb it.


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