5 Crazy & Weird Hair Care Solutions That Surprisingly Give The Best Results & Are Worth Trying

5 Crazy & Weird Hair Care Solutions That Surprisingly Give The Best Results & Are Worth Trying

By kashish on 23 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

Most of us suffer from different troubles each day. Sometimes there are skin problems sometimes damage hair, sometimes fashion problem and some days it's just a bad day. The most common trouble that we all go through is hair problems. Bad hair day, dandruff, hair fall, frizzy hair, greasy hair, etc. These are the days when no beauty product or expensive hair creams comes to our rescue. The best solution is to seek for something that not will not burn holes in or pockets but will be chemical free and provide most effective results. Here are some wacky and weird DIY hair hacks that may definitely shock you but the results will be even more surprising and unexpected.


Coca Cola

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Coca Cola is one of the most flavourful drinks but it is also one of the best drink to give volume to your hair. The drink has high level of sugar content and also phosphorus acid present, while sugar gives bounce to our hair, the acid gives low ph balance to the drink which tightens our hair cuticles and makes our hair smooth and shiny.


Aspirin is not only helpful in getting rid of headache but it also successfully helps in getting rid of dandruff and dullness. Crush some aspirin and mix it with your shampoo. Use it twice at least every week to see the results.

Socks to curl hair

While it sounds really crazy, its time to put socks on your head. Socks will help you curling your hair without damaging them. All you need to do is wrap a start of your hair around the socks and turn it inside out to hold it. Voila, doing this for over night will give you beautiful curls the next morning.


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Mayo is made with eggs, vinegar, oil and lemon juice. They are mostly the products that we tend to apply on our hair to deal with hair troubles. Well it seems like some heinous came up with the idea to apply may directly on his/her head instead of doing it individually (eggs, vinegar, oil and lemon juice). The method has been since then used by thousands of people and they have been surprised b the results. Not only it does mayo hydrate the scalp but it also reduces, dandruff and frizziness.

Baby Powder

Finished your bottle of dry shampoo and there is no time to go and purchase a new one?! Well, do not worry all your need to do is to apply baby powder on your scalp for a few minutes and dust it off. The powder will absorb the greasiness from your scalp and leave you with bouncy hair.

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