5 Skincare Tips To Help You In Keeping You Skin Dewy & Hydrated This Summer Season

5 Skincare Tips To Help You In Keeping You Skin Dewy & Hydrated This Summer Season

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By kashish on 11 Jun 2021
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With the change in lifestyle and habits, people have become more conscious about themselves these days. Be it for fashion, fitness, health, mental peace, etc everyone has started paying close attention to themselves and have started focusing on their well being more than anything else. With the change in season and environment, it becomes extremely important to take care of one's skin. Skincare has become an important part of our daily routine and missing or skipping it makes one feel as bad as committing a crime.


Taking care of skin is a must in order to prevent the skin from getting damaged due to pollution, skin allergies, premature ageing, weather conditions, etc. During summers our skin loses all its moisture and natural glow due to intense heat and often we feel as if our skin is burning due to exposure to heat and sun. Here are a few simple and easy skincare tips that you must follow and the result will be a gift of hydrated and dewy skin.

Avoid applying excessive makeup

While makeup is one of the best discovery ever and summer season is not the best time to apply thick coats of makeup. Applying heavy layers of makeup takes a toll on the skin and causes all the pores to get blocked which further not only causes breakouts but also makes skin dull.

Use facial mists

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During the summer season often our skin gets overheated when exposed to sun or summer air, to make your skin feel refreshing and to cool it down a little, the best solution is to use facial mists. Facial mists not only hydrate the face and cool them down but also prevent our skin from developing allergies and rash.



One of the cardinal rules to achieve healthy and glowing skin is to drink water. A minimum of 8- 10 glasses of water a day helps one to keep the skin hydrated and along with that, it is important to moisturise the skin. Every time you wash your face make it a rule to apply moisturiser. For daytime, it is suggested that you use a fairly light moisturiser that keeps your skin hydrated and cool. For night time it is better to use a thick moisturiser that will seep into your skin overnight.


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Cleansing helps the skin to get rid of dirt and grime that often sticks to our skin without our knowledge. One must definitely cleanse their skin a minimum of 2 times a week.

Nature home remedies

Home remedies have been known to have a better and long-lasting effect than expensive chemical-induced skin creams. Not only home remedies are affordable but they can be done easily and effortlessly.


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