Got Bushy Eyebrows?! Here Are The Steps That Will Guide You, To Shape Your Eyebrows While Staying At Home

Got Bushy Eyebrows?! Here Are The Steps That Will Guide You, To Shape Your Eyebrows While Staying At Home

By kashish on 16 Jun 2021
Digital Editor

Eyes are said to be one of the most captivating and attention-seeking parts of one's face. Our eyes define us and our also windows to our souls. But what makes our eyes even more alluring are our eyebrows. Yes, our eyebrows make our eyes even more intense, they define our face and gives our facial features a character. Every now and then the trend of maintaining eyebrows changes. During 90's the trend of thin eyebrows was a huge hit, then came the trend of having arched eyebrows, which then changed to the trend of having bushy and shaped eyebrows.


While managing eyebrows can be a pretty easy part, the task is to make sure they remain in their shape. Due to the scare of Corona, countries are in lockdown that means all the beauty salons are closed and everyone is busy practising social distancing. Not being able to go to salon menus one thing and that is our eyebrows are going to grow and be extremely bushy and look messy.

Take a look at all the steps that you can follow and prevent yourself from looking like a hairy monster with all the out of control eyebrow growth.

Step 1 - Ice it

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Getting eyebrows done is an extremely painful process. Not the kind- "oh I am dying it's painful" but yeah, it definitely does hurt and you can feel each hair being pulled off. Therefore to make the experience more bearable, all you need to do is to ice the eyebrows & area around to numb them. Once the area is numb you can start giving shape to your eyebrows. Once eyebrows are shaped, you can again ice the area to reduce the redness and pain.

Step 2 - Shaping

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Now comes the main step, shaping the eyebrows. But before we proceed with that we need to decide, what is it going to be tweezing, waxing or threading? Waxing and threading can be messy and a bit difficult considering the fact we all have no experience in doing it on ourselves, therefore the best method to shape the eyebrows will be tweezing.

Take a tweezer and start plucking out all the extra hair from around your eyebrows. The whole point is to maintain the shape of the eyebrows as they are and only pulling out extra hair from all the sides.

Step 3 - Arch

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The hardest part even by using tweezers is to give your eyebrows an arch. Symmetry is not easy to achieve without any experience. Therefore it is best to use a white or dark kohl pencil to outline your eyebrows from the beginning. Draw boundaries and it will help you in making sure that you do not pull out any extra hair. Go slow and always make sure to check your brows once you have plucked 4 hair.

Voila!! You will have perfectly shaped or at least clear eyebrows, that you did by your own self at home.


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