COVID-19 Prevention: This Is How To Properly Take Care Of Your Dry Hands Due To All The Washing

COVID-19 Prevention: This Is How To Properly Take Care Of Your Dry Hands Due To All The Washing

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By Samprita on 30 Mar 2020
Senior Digital Editor

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) scare has shaken the entire world at this point.  And while the situation is quite frightening, there is no reason to be anxious. Wondering why we are talking about it? Well, simple precautions of maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing are the two ways to avoid catching the deadly virus.


If you are someone who is meticulously washing your hands for 20 seconds or sanitizing them with an alcohol-based cleanser every time you sneeze, cough or touch an outside surface, well, begin by applauding yourself, because you are doing just the right thing!

But that much of alcohol-based sanitizing, soap & water can definitely leave your hands feeling dry, cracked or can be affected by rashes or eczema. Here are a few useful tips you can follow to keep your hands' soft while also keeping them well sanitised.

#1 Use lukewarm water 

This is a common mistake that most of us make and is also the number one cause of skin dryness, rashes as well as eczema. Yes, it is recommended to wash your hands with lukewarm water. Not so high in temperature that it ends up making them drier & flakier. So turn the temperature to just warm to kill the coronavirus as well as to keep your hands soft & gentle.

#2 Don't rub your hands too hard

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Are you rubbing your hands way too much? If yes, stop right now because you are building down the road for rashes and eczema. You should always pat (not rub) them dry using a gentle hand towel or tissue paper. This will avoid friction and also give lesser dry skin.


#3 Keep a hand cream with you

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Frequent hand washing and sanitizing can lead to dry, flaky & itchy hands. Hence, it is necessary to indulge in a post-wash hand care cream. After you pat them dry, smear on some moisturising hand cream to keep your hand happy & healthy.

#4 Opt for a cream-based hand wash 

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Instead of using a gel-based handwash, we suggest you switch to a cream-based one. Why? Because cream-based formulas are generally more hydrating and gentler on the skin. This will not only prevent the hand wash from stripping away the natural moisture but add moisture to keep your hands soft & supple.


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