Corona Crisis: Actor Arjun Bijlani's Recent Gesture Showcases His Pure & Empathising Heart

Corona Crisis: Actor Arjun Bijlani's Recent Gesture Showcases His Pure & Empathising Heart

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By kashish on 30 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Since the outbreak of Corona virus people have been in extreme distress. From living in fear to dealing with mental health issue, from struggling in day to day life to bearing the pressure of loosing freedom to roam around freely. It is the world wide crisis that has managed to turn everybody's life upside down and left them feeling lost and confused. According to the recent reports there are in total over 1160 cases across the entire nation. The crisis has strongly effected economy, health sector and lifestyle of people. From businessmen to doctor, labourers to household, not one person has been able to retain his/her life. The worse part is that situations are going from bad to worse, the lack of resources and money has caused even more problems.


Seeing the situations various celebs from both South Indian film industry and Bollywood decided to donate their share of money to e able to help government to fight this war against corona. Akshay Kumar, ram Charan, Prabhas, Kapil Sharma, Hrithik Roshan are few of the many names who decided to help people and government by donating relief funds and joining them is another celebrity Arjun Bijlani who donated the sum of rupees 10 lakhs. The actor recently took it to his social media account to share about the donation and he also requested all his fans to do their bid.


The actor shared 5 lakhs to PM Modi's 'PM-CARES Fund' and Rs 5 lakh to the Maharashtra Chief Ministers' Fund.

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The actor mentioned how even though it might not be a big sum of money but every little drop of water in ocean matters. The actor was appreciated by Maha CM Uddhav Thackrey, for coming out and helping.

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