Here's How To Properly Clean & Disinfect Your Phone To Protect Against Coronavirus

Here's How To Properly Clean & Disinfect Your Phone To Protect Against Coronavirus

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By Samprita on 17 Mar 2020
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Did you know, our phones have 10 times more germs than the toilet seats? Yes, you read it right! We carry our mobile phones with us almost everywhere and at all times which makes it a potential hub of viruses and bacteria. We obviously cannot see these germs with naked eyes, but all we know is that they can lead to serious health disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to keep our phones clean at all times and protect oneself from the diseases. Especially right now, when there is an outbreak of coronavirus.


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We hope you are aware that not all mobile phones are water-resistant or may have an oil coating on the screens that can get damaged with scrubbing or use of any harsh chemicals. Therefore, alcohol wipes are an easy way to clean up your phones. However, it is seen that they can damage the screens too.

Wondering what to do in this situation? If you want to know the classic way of sanitizing your mobile phones then keep reading!

The easiest way to disinfect and clean your phone is with the help of lint-free cloth, a mild hand soap, water, Q-tip and a brush.

#1 Turn off your mobile phone and dampen the cloth in a mixture of soap and water. Make sure you wring the excess water off the cloth before use.

#2 Carefully wipe the phone with the prepared solution and make sure you don't use it on the speaker and the charging port area.

#3 Now, wipe off the phone again with a dry cloth.


#4 Use a Q-tip/ toothpick and a dry cloth to clean & remove dirt from the ports and other nook & crannies.

Remember, not to dunk your mobile phone in the water & soap solution even if it is a water-proof set. 

Before you start with the cleaning process, as mentioned above, you should know exactly how water-resistant your phone is so that you don't end up destroying your gadget.

Coming to coronavirus, maintain social distance, avoid gatherings and if you suffer from any of the symptoms, make sure to visit a doctor immediately.



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