Go Corona To Bhajans, 5 Weird Videos That Went Viral Amid COVID-19

Go Corona To Bhajans, 5 Weird Videos That Went Viral Amid COVID-19

By Anuradha on 18 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

The increasing cases of coronavirus has created a stage of panic across the world. Almost 7,174 deaths have been reported till now. While people are busy searching for antidote, Indians have a different jugaad for everything. In India, the number of COVID-19 cases has reached 147. Amid this, some weird videos ares going viral in which people can be seen singing bhajans telling corona to leave the county.


In another video, a group of Rajasthani women can be seen crooning a bhajan on corona. The lyrics are, "Corona bhag ja, bharat me tharo kain kam re, corona bhag ja."

If you think this insanity ends here, you are wrong. Many Bhojpuri and Punjabi songs are being made on corona.

Have a look at videos:

National Vision NewsPhoto from National Vision News

Sometimes Indians have weird methods when it come to dealing with certain things. A couple of days back, some people stated that cow urine can cure corona.

All said and done, the government has asked people to stay at home and to avoid travelling at various places. Keep washing your hands and don't believe in rumours. Schools, colleges and gym have been shut down. Movie releases have been postponed.

Stay safe and healthy.

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