Yoga Se Hoga: 7 Facial Yoga Exercises That Will Help your Achieving Radiant Skin

Yoga Se Hoga: 7 Facial Yoga Exercises That Will Help your Achieving Radiant Skin

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By kashish on 06 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

The important thing in the world is health. Nothing is more important than being healthy and fit. It helps in living us a balanced and really good lifestyle. In order to remain healthy some people like to work their muscles hard in gym by lifting weights, some people prefer during pilates, some like playing sports and some prefer yoga. Every person has their own way to remain fit and not only that a proper balanced diet is also mandatory to remain healthy and to avoid any sickness and diseases.  While we work so hard to maintain our body, have you ever given a thought about how can we make our face look youthful and radiant without having to use expensive creams induced with chemicals?


Over a period of time due to certain factors like our age, pollution, stress, sickness our face tends to loose its glow, starts developing wrinkles, blotches, dark circles and what not. These things make us look 10 times mature than our age. The best way to take care of our skin and maintain that youthful glow is by doing facial yoga. You must be thinking what is Facial yoga? It is a technique that we have been following since age of Ayurveda, the concept is to work all the 57 facial muscles of face and neck that will help in restringing youthful and radiant skin.

Take a look at 7 simple facial yoga exercises that you can at any point of the day and save your face from fullness, dark spots and pre-mature ageing.

Puff your cheeks

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Take a deep breath, puff your cheek with that air and exhale through your mouth.It will help you in achieving plump and lifted cheeks. Its all about huffing and puffing.

Life your eyebrows

Keep your hands on top of your eye brows and use them to pull up your eyebrows and then psh them down. Doing this for 12-15 times a day will help and tone your forehead muscles which will further prevent wrinkles.


Smile & chant Om

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Chanting Om gives a lot of peace and relaxation to once's mind, body and soul. Just smile and chant Om for it will help in calming down your facial muscles and help you in balancing your thoughts.

Pout it out

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You have always pouted for pictures now its time to pout for exercise. Keep your eyes wide open as you pout. If they start to water do not worry, it comes with practice.

Stretch your eyelids

As we tend to age our eyelids tend to droop and to prevent that we need to stretch our eyelids. As bizarre as it sounds, it helps. Look up and raise your eyebrows in same direction. Then close your eyes slowly and let them relax and repeat it for 13-15 times everyday to see the results.


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Breathing is the key behind yoga and every other exercise. The key behind healthy and pink cheeks is deep breathing. Shallow breathing causes paleness. Take deep breathes every now and then. It will not only help your skin in maintaining its natural glow but it will also help in calming you down and to re-focus.

Kiss & smile

Push your lips out as if you are going to kiss someone and then smile. It will work all the facial muscles and repeating it for 15 times will be effective for both cheeks and chin.



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