Say Bye-Bye To Green Tea & Switch To Green Coffee This Year For Health Benefits

Say Bye-Bye To Green Tea & Switch To Green Coffee This Year For Health Benefits

By Samprita on 02 Jan 2023
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Every new year, the most common and easily forgotten resolution made is that of losing weight and staying fit throughout the year. Eating healthy and working out is not as easy as it sounds and most of us fail to stick to the schedule. So, to make it easy for you, there's a new superfood we have found that has been popular lately for all the right reasons. Yes, you are thinking right! It's something that is quite known for its weight loss capabilities. Well, this is the year of green coffee which is all set to replace green tea in your life. Green coffee, as the name suggests, is the coffee extracted from green coffee beans that haven't been roasted yet. These beans consist of chrologenic acid - an ingredient that plays a major role in weight loss.


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So here's why you need to make a change and stock up your kitchen with green coffee now!

  1. Acts as a natural energy booster

When it's a cup of relaxation, it is meant to give you lots of energy that will help you reach your desired weight faster. And, when it comes to green coffee with are not complaining at all. We love this new drink and cannot wait to include it in our daily diet.

2. Acts as a natural detoxifier

With loads of rich vitamins and minerals present in it, it would be justified to say it's a great natural detoxifying agent. After a day of feasting, a cup of green coffee can help you detox and give your body a required health break. It can also help in improving your skin health and hair growth.

3. Helps boost metabolism

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The presence of chlorogenic acid helps in burning fat and increase your metabolism, helping you in losing weight. It burns glucose stored in your liver and pushes it into your bloodstream, making it a great drink to kick start your metabolism. You should have a cup before your workout to burn two times more calories.

4. Helps burn the stored fat

Green coffee helps you burn the stored fat along with improving your metabolism. It contains kelp which is a natural seaweed enriched with vitamins and minerals. This enables your body to burn the extra fat when you are not exercising at almost 1.3 times the normal rate.

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