5 Places Where Your Are Likely To Find Your Soulmate Because *Pyar Kahi Bhi Ho Sakta Hai*

5 Places Where Your Are Likely To Find Your Soulmate Because *Pyar Kahi Bhi Ho Sakta Hai*

By Anuradha on 04 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Love comes when you least expect it. These days people are so career-oriented and busy that they don't think about arranged marriage. This is the 21st century and at this time, you can find love in the weirdest places. If you believe in the concept of soulmate then we have something interesting in store for you.


Here are 5 unexpected places where you can find your soulmate:

During train journeys

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Train journeys can give some beautiful memories. A small conversation with a stranger can turn out to be the best decision of your life. DDLJ can happen in real life as well.

When you are busy exploring a new place

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Have you been to any solo trip? Well, there are chances that you might meet the person with the same thoughts. So, never say no to any trip.


At the airport lounge

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Who knows you might end up meeting that one person while waiting for your flight. Killing time might give you a memorable episode.


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These days people try many dating apps and there are higher chances of meeting an interesting person. One right swipe can change your life for good. Obviously, you might get many people who are just looking for hook-ups but it's up to you how you find that right one.


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Well, office romance can end very badly. However, they say if you are in the same office, there are more chances of meeting the person of the same interest.

So, never give up on love!

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