Dealing With Skincare Troubles?! Here Are A Few Herbal Remedies

Dealing With Skincare Troubles?! Here Are A Few Herbal Remedies

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By kashish on 15 Jun 2021
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Having flawless skin is a dream that each and every one of us dreams about. Flawless, scare-free, radiant and hydrated skin. The biggest enemy between us and our dream of getting healthy and radiant skin is pollution. The day to day pollution, dust, smoke, harmful sun rays, etc causes our skin to get damaged, burned, tanned, develop skin problems, loos glow and all the moisture. even after spending loads of money on expensive treatments and overpriced skincare products, the results we get are heartbreaking. Therefore instead of wasting money on treatments and chemical products that will guaranteed burn hole in your pockets, the best option is to opt for herbal skincare remedies.


These herbal skincare remedies are extremely effective, cost-friendly and constitute natural products that will have no side effects on our skin whatsoever. The best part is most of these ingredients you will find in your pantry. Take a look at all super simple and effective herbal treatments.

Remedy for Ageing 

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Whisk an egg yolk and apply it on your face for 15-20 before washing your face with lukewarm water. It will help you by preventing premature ageing.

Remedy for Acne

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Take half tomato and massage it on your skin for 10-15 minutes whenever you get time. It will help in reducing inflammation, redness and get rid of acne.


Remedy for Dark Circles

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 Put a slice of potato on your eyes for 10-12 minutes regularly and it will prevent you from resembling a panda.

Remedy for Dry & Chapped Lips

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Getting tired of dry and chapped lips? Apply a little honey on your lips every night before you go off to sleep and scrub your lips with sugar to get rid of flakiness every alternate day.

Remedy for Dark Spots

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Apply a mixture of potato and lemon juice on your skin and massage it for 15-20 mins before washing your face and hydrating it.  Over a period of time, you will observe that all your dark spots are getting reduced.


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