Want Healthy Nails?! Follow This Nail Care Routine For Best Results

Want Healthy Nails?! Follow This Nail Care Routine For Best Results

By kashish on 25 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

It is not only hair that help women in boosting their confidence. It's said that a woman who cuts her hair can change the world but you should never under estimate the power of a woman with long nails. While on one hand short and well manicured nails look beautiful and cute, long nails tend to give woman confidence, helps her in feeling empowered and makes her look 10x times more sexier. The hardest part is to take care of nails and manage them in a way that can help in getting long and being healthy. There is always an option for getting extensions but it can be expensive and often tends to weaken our natural nails. Long nails when well handled and cared for, tend to increase the beauty of overall look. Just a little care, love and attention can help you in naturally growing long nails. Take a look at all the nail care tips we have for you.


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Moisturise your hands regularly with a good moisturiser of hand cream. Use cuticle oil to avoid skin peeling.

Make use of toothpicks and earbuds to clean your nails and get rid of dirt underneath them.

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Make use of your nail kit and file and buffer your nails on regular basis. Every time you nail chips or breaks off don't bite them or pull them apart. File your nails and get rid of sharp edges.

To make sured your nails don't get weak, apply a layer of good base paint.

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Your hands and nails need pampering every now and then. Treat yourself with manicure to rejuvenate your hands and nails.

Our nails tend to absorb water and get weak, therefore avoid putting your hands in water for a long period of time. Also wear a pair of gloves when washing utensils or laundry.


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