Beauty Tips: Use These Tips To Sterilise & Clean Your Makeup On Regular Basis

Beauty Tips: Use These Tips To Sterilise & Clean Your Makeup On Regular Basis

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By kashish on 18 Feb 2020
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Being the makeup enthusiast that we are, most of us love to use variety of makeup products to complete our glamorous look. But frequent usage of makeup and the way we use it has crucial effect on our skincare and therefore keeping makeup products clean and disinfected is very important thing to do. Our makeup products and brushes tend to become storehouse of infections and skin care troubles easily and will cause infection on our skin, in our eyes, nose, lips if not cleaned properly. 


What you need to know is the fact that every makeup product has different process by which it will get cleaned. Take a look at the tips that will help you in knowing how to clean your different makeup products.

Eyeshadows, Blush &  Pressed Powders

All the makeup products that come in the form of pressed powders like- eyeshadows, blush, bronzers, highlighters etc should be cleaned with brush. Spritz some rubbing alcohol on your makeup brush and then wipe it on tissue every time you use it.


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Pour some rubbing alcohol on the tissue and use it to wipe it on the uncovered side of your lipstick after every application.

Creams & Gel


Never use your fingers to dig through the containers of creams and gels. To make sure your products remains clean and free from infections use spatula to scoop out some cream.

Makeup Brushes & Beauty Blenders

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the best way to clean makeup brushes is by washing them using with anti-bacterial soaps and lukewarm water. To clean makeup sponges follow the same process and use anti-bacterial soaps and lukewarm water. You can also spray some rubbing alcohol on a tissue and wipe your makeup brush on it after every usage.

Eye Pencils & Crayons

The holy rule of using of eye products is to not share them with anyone. Also always keep in mind to remove the old layer from the pencils by sharpening them before every use. Clean your pencil sharpeners with some rubbing alcohol.


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The only way to keep mascara hygienic is by changing it in every 3 months. Mascaras don't have long term shelf life therefore you need to use new mascara in every 3 months.


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