Banana Peels & It's Amazing Beauty Benefits

Banana Peels & It's Amazing Beauty Benefits

By kashish on 13 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

We might not be minions but we do love eating bananas. Not only are they super tasty and fulfilling but they are also packed with potassium, fibre, antioxidants and minerals. It also helps in keeping our skin healthy and prime. It makes our skin nourished and hydrated. While we are aware of bananas and all it components we do ten to throw away its peel without a second glance and totally missing out on the fact that it is as beneficial as the fruit itself. 


Banana peels has numerous of beauty benefits and it can help you achieving long lasting beauty. Take a look at some of its benefits.

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Are you sick and tired of dealing with your acne prone skin? Even after having spent huge amount of money, you are not able to prevent your acne, don't worry. Al you need to do is to rub banana peel over the affected area and it will help in curing it and making your skin clear.

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Banana peels are rich in nutrients, use them to make hair packs and masks. It will make your hair shiny, strong and healthy.

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Are your teeth turning yellow due to insane amount of caffeine consumption? Worry not. Instead of spending money by purchasing chemical teeth cleansing products, simply rub banana peel over your teeth and in no time you will get your sparkling smile back.

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As we have already told you before, banana peels help in hydrating and nourishing our skin. It is extremely beneficial when it comes to dealing with ageing. Banana peels help in getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines and crow feet. Just mix mashed banana peel with one egg yolk and apply it on your face. Rinse it off after 10 mins.


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