Easy DIY Eyeshadow Primer In 5 Steps

Easy DIY Eyeshadow Primer In 5 Steps

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By Samprita on 07 Feb 2020
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Makeup addicts are pretty much aware of the magical powers of a primer. Applying this one product before you start your makeup can completely transform your final look. Right from your foundation getting a smooth base to your skin looking flawless and even, a primer will help in every way to help your makeup last longer. It also helps in preventing makeup meltdown which is more common during the summers.


Most women will invest in a primer because of all the above-mentioned reasons but when it comes down to an eye-primer, they are not so sure. Well, we totally get it, you rarely apply eye makeup so buying an eyeshadow primer might just be a waste of money. But, what if we told you there's a DIY method that offers a similar result? You would definitely want to give it a shot, right? So what are you waiting for, keep reading!

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Things you need: 

  • A fragrance-free thick moisturiser or  body butter
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Small pot
  • Toothpick

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How to: 

#1 Start by adding a little foundation into an empty small container. Choose one that is the closest to your natural skin tone.

#2 Now, add the same amount of concealer into the mixture.

#3 Take a drop of body lotion or scoop some moisturiser and add that too to the container as well. The moisturiser will help in keeps the lids hydrated.

#4 Add a drop of aloe vera gel to this concoction which would help in preventing the lids from getting oily.

#5 Lastly, using a toothpick mix all the ingredients and you are all done!

You can use this eye primer even when you are not wearing any eye makeup to give your lids a smooth texture and to keep oily lids at bay.


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